On October 11th, authorities received a call about a dog who had been savagely attacked by an individual. The owners of Spartacus, a gentle pit bull mix, were terrified their beloved dog would die and had no way to protect him against a repeat attack. Concerned citizens contacted Ghetto Rescue (GRFF) who work closely with emergency personnel to rescue and rehabilitate street dogs to help. GRFF has stepped in to pay for all medical costs, provide temporary board and sponsor ongoing rehabilitation for Spartacus until he can be reunited with his loving family.

While pit bulls have a reputation as vicious or evil, most pit bulls are docile and loyal family pets. Spartacus is a friendly pit bull mix that resides with a family and other small dogs,

Spartacus has already undergone surgery for his wounds, which were extensive, malicious, and life-threatening. He was slashed and beaten with a shovel, receiving deep lacerations across his face, neck, head and ears. He received over 1,000 stitches but is expected to make a full recovery. He is currently in protective temporary foster. He will be returned to his family and will not be up for adoption.

Ghetto Rescue Ffoundation is exceedingly grateful for the outpouring of love and public support for Spartacus. We are grateful to news outlets for carrying his story and helping us serve other emergency situations like Spartacus. We will update on his condition as information becomes available.

Thank you

UPDATE 10/14/2014

Ghetto Rescue Ffoundation responds to LAPD Statement: Sparticus Animal Invest Update

Although GRFF remains an ardent supporter of Spartacus, believing him to be the docile family pet with whom we have interacted, we thank the LAPD for their time and dedication related to this incident. We urge our supporters to allow LAPD to conduct their investigation until its conclusion.

GRFF still intends on providing continuous medical and foster care for Spartacus. We thank the community for its outpouring of love and support for Spartacus and Ghetto Rescue. We remain committed to the ongoing rescue and rehabilitation of street dogs in Los Angeles.

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